Sunday, November 23, 2008

New 25 million dollar MUSEUM being built in ROSWELL

Interested in Roswell? well you would will ba happy to knwo New Museum to be built in Roswell
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your curiosity is giving birth to a new faith. No joke, this whole Roswell thing is religion in it's embryonic form. 2000 years from now we'll all be skeptical because we all know better.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that the human race cant spend money on more important things but instead feels the need for some stupid fake ass bullshit homo museum for the fucked up no life people that should be put in ovens.
The money should be spent on more churches.

Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE proof read your post before making them? It is very difficult to read this site and then to even give it any credability when you enter almost every post as if a 5 year old typed it! What does "you would will ba happy to knwo" mean?

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