Saturday, November 15, 2008

The famous Japan Airlines UFO Sighting

For those who haven't seen it before the most famous aircraft report of a Ufo was the Japan airlines Boeing 747 incident over Alaska in Next time you fly, make sure you get a window seat and keep your cell phone video camera ready .. you might just by chance see something like in this report!:

Captain Terauchi, a veteran of 29 years flying, said "It was a very big one or two times bigger than an aircraft carrier." He changed altitude and made turns, with FAA permission, in an effort to identify the objects which continued to follow him. He said the objects moved quickly and stopped suddenly. At one time, the light from the large object was so bright that it lit the airplane's cockpit and Captain Terauchi said he could feel heat from it on his face. He added that he had been watching the UFO for six minutes before notifying anyone on the ground; this would make the start of the sighting about 6:13 p.m.

The FAA at first confirmed the claims that several of its radar traffic controllers tracked the 747 and the large object, and that U.S. Air Force radar did as well. Later official statements hedged on this, and tried to attribute the radar targets to weather effects. At the end, however, an FAA spokesman stated, "We are accepting the descriptions of the crew, but are unable to support what they saw
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Anonymous said...

Well that's Alaska off my holiday list!
I always carry a camera when flying but I have never seen anything yet.
Excellent clip, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, great and credible post.
I always knew UFOs can turn
violents and provocatives.
I belive the US X-files are full with similar and worse accidents.

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on one of the templates below this video clip that includes an interview with that clown Robert Dean. How can anyone in their right mind take that moron seriously? He is getting more and more obnoxious with every word that spills from his mouth. This guy fancies himself the Albert Einstein of UFOlogy when in fact, he is Bozo the clown of UFOlogy. He claims to be a "cynical recluse" who is saddened by all the "piddly-ass" people who mindlessly go about their "piddly-ass" lives (going bowling or to NASCAR events). If he is such a bloody recluse, how and why does he camp out in front of any and every interviewer that will give him the time of day? This guy claims to be a former high ranking officer in the intelligence community with the highest security clearance there is - "Cosmic" which is so hokey-dokey that is sounds like something from Space Balls. In reality, he was a sergeant in the army. Yada, yada, yada. Okay sarge. I could go on forever about this urchin...wait...I DID go on forever about this guy...
Now, what's for desert?

Anonymous said...

Robert Dean is a lier.Just out 4

thegavino said...

One of the best sightings.

Byam said... Find out what's really going on !

niharika said...

one of the japans official says UFO is realindeed

Anonymous said...

The greatest, Michael Jackson viewed a UFO from his jet. He believed in UFO's and wanted to go to the moon. He owed 1200 acres of moonland -

---~~--- VK Sharma ---~~---

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