Friday, November 21, 2008

Massive object crashes over Edmonton, Canada

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Numerous people living in Edmonton and surrounding areas are reporting seeing a meteorite-like fireball that lit up the sky.

It not been confirmed as a meteor by official sources, but many witnesses report seeing "bright orange flames" with a large tail that shot horizontally across the sky and then disappeared.

Others said it looked like horizontal lighting, where all the clouds in one huge swath were lit up.

Richard Bellington said he was driving north of Highway 2 on his way to Edmonton when he saw the sky light up.

The flames were so bright and appeared to travel so close to the ground that he called 911.

Callers as far as Onoway, Beaumont and Cold Lake also report seeing the ball of flames. Stations as far north as Fort McMurray also report seeing the fireball.

Some experts say the fireball could be part of the Leonids meteor showers, where activity has been predicted to begin on Nov. 17.

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Russell said...

I live just East of Edmonton, Alberta and saw this object coming in. It started as a star sized ball of light that rapidly grew to the size of a full moon. The color was very bright electric blue, much like a welding arc. When it dissapeared behind the horizon in the East, there was a very bright blue flash that lit up the entire sky.

Anonymous said...

apparently it was seen up to fort mcmurrary and as far away as saskatchewan.

it seemed green to me.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like canada is the first phase of the alien INVASION!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a meteor you assholes. There are many videos of exactly the same event.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that this is the first phase of the aliens taking over our planet.
This site has shown the MOTHERSHIP that measures 300 miles long and 250 miles wide on video.
That size ship will carry the smaller troop carriers.
We should tell the military about the information gathered on this site, before its TOOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!
I have been researching this subject for 3 whole months and have come to the conclusion that we are in GRAVE danger. Some of the sightings on this site have shown the popular MARK II ships. the alien race that flies this model is very agressive.
Some of the other ships that have been seen include the deadly AVION III type. They have special ray guns on the bottom, but you all know that.

Delmar said...

"Three seperate meteors have been seen flying side by side and turning in unison heading for earth"- Check it out. Russia found Aliens.

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