Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strange lights over Boundary Bay Airport Canada Nov 17 2008

Ufos or birds ? over Boundary Bay Airport Canada Nov 17 2008
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Anonymous said...

Any more details on this incident? Did anyone follow up with the radar at the airport? Any local news cover it? How long does this sighting last? It appears that the objects are doing the same route over and over - or the footage was looped over and over?

nick dk said...

Pretty sure its just birds.

The light up because of the bright light and fades out when the are flying past the lightsource obv.

Anita Karen said...

I do believe in UFO's and think these are very believable.
I have had two experiences through my life and a reported alien on my back doorstep, so to speak and know they have a mission here that is for our good.
Have no fear, is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Anita Karen,

How do you know that there are in fact aliens and that they are here for our good???? Have you actually spoken to one of them???

M.J.G. said...

No, no, no. Birds don't blink like that. There is definetaly something weird going on here.

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