Friday, April 03, 2009

NASA's unexplained tether overload incident

The famous NASA tether incident has been talked about so many times. This great little clip is for all the 'ufo newbie's' out there - it shows you exactly what happened during the incident when the tether 'snapped' and the objects which were seen nearby:
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Neurotoxicum said...

mhh ice crystals very near the lens/mirror?!
does any particle/objekt accelerate/dicellerate or change direction?!


Anonymous said...

This video means NOTHING!! The "UFO Hunters" proved that it's only an illusion caused by the shuttle's multiple-layered windows. One basic fact is--you never see these things at any angle but head on. Why is that? No side views, no partial or three-quarters views. If they were actually flying objects, one would think that there might be some that are at different angles. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Ice particles--not pac-man UFO's.

Anonymous said...

Even if they accelerate or not, the question remains---why no side views or partial views. ALL of them at the same exact angle?? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

If you pay attention the objects travel behind the tether not in front of it. The objects aren't from the widows or ice particles.

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