Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mt Adams - USA's Ufo hot spot & Mr Gilliland

I am sorry to hear that Mr Gilliland who owns the famous ranch at the Ufo hot spot that is Mount adams is pulling out of the Ufo community. His work and research (see ECETI) has been pivotal in informing the world about the amazing things that are happening at Mt Adams - but i guess there is a resistance to what he is doing and this has caused him to back away:

In an email sent to his followers announcing his dissatisfaction with media reports, James Gilliland said "I believe the majority of the UFO community has become convoluted and riddled with disinformation"

The ECETI ranch is a UFO hotspot regularly visited by UFO enthusiasts and investigators who expect to see UFO's, orbs and light trails. UFO's have been reportedly been pursued by US Government aircraft above Gilliland's ranch.

Gilliland is a famous UFO researcher who seeks publicity and self promotes his property to UFO groups and reporters but who now wants to pursue investigations without UFO and paranormal groups getting in the way
Read more source . See his site ECETI

July 4 2009

July 3 2009

Where is mount adams?
Want to know more... see ECETI
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Anonymous said...

the "hovering object" pictured above the mountain looks just like the "balloon boy" saucer.

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