Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Colin Andrews makes us think hard about Crop Circles - Paratopia interview

Just came across this interesting post on Colins Andrews site
The interview below is very interesting and makes us think hard about crop circles.

November 29, 2009
Colin was guest on Paratopia.com November 24, 2009. During the interview both hosts, Colin himself and his wife all miles apart witnessed a sudden shift in what was described as atmosphere. In Colin's office where he was located for the show, sudden total silence was experienced with all ambient sound silenced from the room and from the telephone line.

At this time, his computers closed down without commands and re-booted back into operation. Colin was doodling on a piece of paper throughout the show and without being conscious of what he had drawn, sketched a symbol which was important to Jeff Ritzmann one of the hosts which was subject of a private discussion when the show ended. Later, Jeremy Vaeni the co-host had a spontaneous healing from a source using the same method Pat Delgado used on Colin during the famous Cheesefoot Head encounter and raised by Colin during the interview. High strangeness certainly seemed to take over the show. Colin described what felt like he was being helped - being gifted quick accurate recall of details and facts and with the subject matter itself. This was one of the strangest and at the same time wonderful interviews and agreed by all three men involved.

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JR said...

Hello, thanks for posting about our interview. The actual web URL for the show is http://www.paratopia.net not .com

Thanks again,
Jeff Ritzmann

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