Saturday, December 05, 2009

UK MOD shuts down the whole UFO Research Department after 50 years!

Sad news everyone on December 1 the Ministry of Defence terminated its UFO project. After over 50 years of investigating the phenomenon, the plug was pulled in a most unceremonious way.
Noke pope former UK MOD minister explains why this is a very bad move:

The news was slipped out so as not to attract attention. An amendment was made to an existing document in the freedom of information section of the MoD website, entitled "How to report a UFO sighting". The announcement states: "In over fifty years, no UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom." It goes on to say that the "MOD will no longer respond to reported UFO sightings or investigate them". When rumbled, the MoD press office implyied that the money saved (about £50,000 a year) would be spent on body armour in Afghanistan. I doubt it will be. As someone whose 21-year MoD career included a posting in a financial policy division, I suspect that's not how it works. Finance has played a part in this, I am sure. The defence budget is under huge pressure and the UFO project was doubtless an easy target for the Treasury and MoD financiers.

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Sonam said...

They don't need the department anymore. If disclosure is really imminent, what's the use of it anyway? After (full) disclosure we will face other problems. Who would report some lights in the sky after an introduction of EBs and their spaceships? (Just a thought).

Anonymous said...

Sad news in a way - but also awesome!

Anonymous said...

This clearly shows that:

1. There are no 'discs' visiting from outside the earth.

2. Whatever ufo is flying is already identified as classified stealth flight of US govt.

3. So, let us forget all such silly nonsense of extraterrestrials, and be happy with this earth.

Anonymous said...

on the other hand, trying to see the positive side of it:

There is no more a outlet of government propaganda anymore.

Anonymous said...

Disclosure is coming! The MOD UFO department was a cover anyway.Be prepared for a new age of green high tech jobs(at last).

Anonymous said...

Disclosure Is coming!UFO MOD Dept. was simply a cover anyway.Be prepared for (green)high tech jobs to flourish(at last).

markymint said...

Oooh, 1111 days 'til the end of the long count calender/world! That and extra comments on the subject of the department closure from Nick Pope in my forthcoming UFO Watch UK video! :)

Trudi Jayne said...

I think they've closed it because they know exactly who/what is visitng earth anyway, but why they wouldn't pay £50k to keep up the pretence that its all a mystery I don't know!

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