Monday, January 25, 2010

New Zealand military to release Its Ufo Files in 2010

Its seems like the disclosure progress is well underway with another country to come forward with its Ufo files this year.

 New Zealand is preparing to release all its Ufo files to the public this year - congrats to the Kiwis!

Hundreds of pages of secret files on New Zealand FO sightings will be released by the military this year.

The files include reports of UFO sightings from 1979 to 1984 and references to the Kaikoura sighting of December 1978.

The files are held by Archives New Zealand and were to have been made public this month, but the Defence Force is removing personal information from them to comply with the Privacy Act.

"At the moment we are working on making copies of these files, minus the personal information," a Defence Force spokeswoman said. "Once this work is completed, we are hoping to be able to release a copy of all the UFO files, including some ahead of their release time, within the year."

Lights were seen in the sky over Kaikoura in December 1978 and were filmed by an Australian news crew. Aircraft tracked the lights, which were also seen on radar.

A man who worked for the Transport Ministry's civil aviation division when the Kaikoura lights were seen said he would like to see the government files.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was working at Christchurch International Airport at the time. He saw United States Air Force planes with unusual call signs touring the area and believes the full story about the lights has not been disclosed.

"For the US Air Force to come all that way and spend three days here, there must have been something going on," he said.

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markymint said...

Good stuff. Also this Royal Society meeting about aliens on earth.

From the BBC news article a scientist said:

"I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms that we can't conceive.

"And there could, of course, be forms of intelligence beyond human capacity, beyond as much as we are beyond a chimpanzee," he added.

Looks like a breakthrough for modern thinking, disclosure is close and it might even be with a capital D now! It's funny how the MoD UFO research dept was originally intended to find "scientific reason" behind UFOs, but never seemed to produce any results (publically at least) and always ended with the "defense" quote. So now that VIP scientists are getting closer to this truth is a reassuring step. There have been some massive leaps in this whole alien business in the last few months. To me it's been quite an "underground" period that really is as important as man's first step on the moon.

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