Friday, January 29, 2010

Video footage - that rocket going around canada - what is it?

Now we got video footage of the rocket Ufo over canada - what on earth is it?
Its deeply concerning the canadian government and military can't identify it - they say its not a missile but obviously it is. Is is from the french missile testing near by?
Theres something they are not telling us and i bet we are likely to get a flip flop story by the military in one week as these things usually turn out. When national security is a threat there is usually a denial and then 2 week delay before the truth comes out. Security is a major issue in Canada at the moment as well with the mobilization of an unprecedented 20,000 security guards for the Canadian winter games in 2 weeks.
So much for the ‘Lethal force’ during the winter Olympic Games airspace by Norad 

Darlene Stewart saw the mysterious object zoom
missile-like overhead, trailing flames or heavy smoke.

"I knew it wasn't an airplane
. It was something different," Stewart said.

She took a picture of the object but it was clear from the picture what the thing was.

Another witness, Elly Pardy, told the CBC it appeared to be out over the middle of the bay.

"It appeared to come out of the ocean," she said. "It's kind of scary because you don't know if something is being set off out in the bay, (or) if someone is doing experiments."
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent an officer Tuesday to investigate the reports.

(it appeared to come out of the ocean)not from land

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Anonymous said...

More Really BAD UFO MUSIC. It's a cover up of the truth. The name of this game is to put people off with real bad music. Or most of the humans have no brains at all.

VirtuallyLucid said...

This story is getting so out of hand. Anyone familiar with aerial phenomenon can clearly see this is a high altitude jet! Just a jet!

In some of the stills, you can see one or both of the wings as faint and ghostly images.

Here's what's going on:

The undercarriage of the fuselage is painted a lighter color. The wings are darker. Thus, the fuselage reflects more sun than the wings. Normal atmospheric haze make a very high jet's darker wings blend into the sky. The image is blurred. You can see this same effect when viewing, say, Mt. Hood from a distance. The snow cap of the hood (very light in color, being snow) will become visible through the miles of atmosphere between you and the mountain LONG before the base of the mountain is visible (being darkly colored rock and forest). The result is that you see a strange floating mountain-like cloud sitting in the sky. It freaked me out a bit when I first saw it. I took a few pictures of it.

The contrail of jets in the area are being lit up by sunlight at a different angle than normal. This happens at various times of day, as well as during certain weather conditions, such as the push of arctic air from the north that Canada and much of the northern hemisphere is getting right now. It causes jets to follow higher flight paths to avoid turbulence. This makes the contrail glow yellow, orange, or bright fiery red, depending on the time of day.

If you look at the contrail in the stills, you will note that it has TWO sources that merge further away from the jet. TWO. That's an important clue because missiles have ONE source, should they leave a contrail. It isn't smoke. It isn't fire. It's a contrail.

From a jet.

Anonymous said...

it looks like some sort of cruise missle test. maybe from a french nuke sub?

markymint said...

Missiles seem pretty common:

Anonymous said...

We are currently in the middle of a world wide cold war. Armies are gearing up and preparing for arctic warfare(the UN is mass arctic warfare training).
We are obviously melting the NORTH so we can gold rush it. I believe it iss quite blatantly obvious. This conspiracy is not deep, but it is blatant.

Dr Reason said...

Here's a much closer image os this object in this clip

Anonymous said...

I tried to go to the flicker web site several times , and as is true with these suggested web sites , they do not work.

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