Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ufo Protocols - Why don't they just land?

Many people keep emailing me 'why don't they just land?' .... well not sure if you ever watched star trek and their prime directive but some believe there maybe some validity to this theory (ok yes this is sci-fi but hear me out!) - maybe they are waiting for us to advance more technologically, consciously and spiritually before they make the next move?:
From star trek-  The Prime Directive dictates that there can be no interference with the internal development of pre-warp civilizations until they technically develop for full warp space travel. No primitive culture can be given or exposed to any information regarding advanced technology or the existence of extraplanetary civilizations, lest this exposure alter the natural development of the civilization:
 Michio Kaku - Why it makes sense that aliens are waiting for us :
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Push Back said...

The Aliens are involved in the affairs of this planet and have been all along. I say do what ever it takes to bring the Alien vehicles and the Aliens out in to the open. What ever it takes!

PATTY said...

At the rate we're going, it's going to be a long wait.

Push Back said...

The prime directive is ok for federation , not every one is in the federation. You humans are living in a dream world.

Anonymous said...

Well I think we are all part of the same universe, as we have evolved by meeting or encountering different animals and food types we have adapted, just as we would if we met aliens. Come on there is a lot of good people on this earth who would embrace the change and I,m sure we could learn a thing or 2. It's just not fair that we are left here like lab rats being watch and viewed, it is against our dignity and human rights. If they don't want to visit then they either have something to hide or they are happy taking something from us for nothing, come on chaps put your cards on the table we don't bite.

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