Monday, April 12, 2010

The balls of light that create genuine crop circles

Many in Wiltshire and avebury will tell you they have infact seen the balls of light - or the bright objects that often appear before and create the genuine crop circles. Its so long known infact that previous generations named a hill near by in Avebury after the  famous lights - " Golden Ball Hill".
Here is some stunning video evidence of the golden balls / orbs seen over crop field in the UK:
RealUfos would also like to hear from people who have seen and may have filmed these light balls previously, if so  please respond to this post.  Also we would particularly like to hear from people who have experienced the unearthly "clicking sounds" heard in some of these crop formations:

If you wish to read up more about this see Colin Andrews post on this. Rate this posting:

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Push Back said...

Nice video. Now shoot them down.

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