Thursday, June 24, 2010

Was a pipeline explosion the case of the OKLAHOMA UFO? June 2010

RealUfos would like to hear from people in Oklahoma to clarify whats happened there recently, with 2 different reports of fireballs in the sky.
The most recent incident apparently happened on June the 22nd but i am not sure of this date as numerous reports have occured since early june.:

County dispatchers received a 911 call around 9:45 p.m. Monday night. The caller reported seeing a "box in the sky on fire with white lights flashing," said Melvin Potter with Pottawatomie County emergency management.
The call about a plane going down came from Lois Cornwall a resident who lives on Johnson Road near Shawnee.
"The flames, it was totally engulfed in flames. And I thought 'Oh my god, that's an airplane, and it's on fire,'" Cornwall said. Continue reading article source

Other reports...
Or was this caused by a similar explosion to the one that happened 2 weeks ago there?:

Authorities said two men died and one man was seriously injured about 4 p.m. Tuesday when a bulldozer struck a natural gas pipeline near the Lipscomb County town of Darrouzett, sparking a huge explosion and a column of flames that could be seen for miles.

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