Saturday, July 31, 2010

Florida Ufo Radio Show

Live in Florida and want to know about Ufos and sightings from there?... here you go:

Listen to internet radio with FloridaUFOs on Blog Talk Radio
Listen to internet radio with FloridaUFOs on Blog Talk Radio
Welcome To Florida UFO Radio We Are Now To Doing Live Shows Tuesdays & Fridays 9pm EST From Now on. There are many ways to Listen the first is here BTR, 2nd is my website where we have our 24/7 channel& Chat, 3rd Is Shoutcast, or Shoutcast App On I Phones, Or Droid, with shoutcast just Search Florida UFOs , And Fourth is by going to and search Florida UFOs, the banner is below. Feel free to come by our website anything its a group of like minded people and we play past shows from Florida UFOs, ParaNexus Universe, Tha Jackals Head, Future Theater Hosted by Bill & Nancy Birnes, Skywatchers plus we stream all them shows when they are live to.Make sure you also check out Paranormal Soup Network its a Social Network with a Radio Network built into it and will be big soon so dont miss out Join now it will be .com soon.
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Anonymous said...

I'm impressed, Matt! very cool,..UFO radio Streams,to be added to page!.."YES!!" Would it be posable to have the: "Kevin Smith Radio Show,like no where else on Earth." his show is very good listening, but he has removed the FREE Listening,..I for one, would be grateful, & glued to this page,..oh! yes!?

Anonymous said...

Being a believer and follower of UFO sightings & investigations I initially found this website very interesting. I've listened to it for some time but lately it seems that most of the broadcasts are repeats of items from the past. For some reason this condition has spread to all the websites I listen to.
Hope you obtain more 'current' info and broadcast it more often. Thanks

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