Saturday, August 07, 2010

Battle: Los Angeles Trailer - some media leaks

Quite a few leaks including a pre-trailer and the posters came out this week in anticipation for the release date for the upcoming Ufo blockbuster of 2011 - The Battle: Los angeles. As you all may know the Battle of Los Angeles is actually based on the true story of  real events that rocked LA back in 1942 . You can browse some posts which i have written about  it over the years here.

Of interest is The movies  official site  - aptly named  It includes alot of legitimate facts, witness reports, interviews with Bill Barns from Ufo hunters and evidence supporting the movies theme. The weaving of fact with fiction works well for these hollywood movies as it draws in extra attention. Im sensing alot of  hollywood hype surrounding the movie so brace yourself for some off the topic sensationalism, sex, violence and CGI's.. but i mean who cares?,  this story deserves as much attention as it can get, considering its significance.

A 2 second (literally) snippet from trailer came out last week at Comic-con .. :

The posters are out - but whats the message  here ? - click to enlarge:

Checkout this cool CGI pic from the battle recreation scene:
Battle: Los Angeles

Ohh and for all the lost fans it features  michelle rodriguez :
Michelle Rodriguez - Battle LA Movie

Im eagerly awaiting the release date ..
Check out more at the movie's official site  
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Anonymous said...

Reality is far more interesting then any fictional movie. It's a shame UFO reports are used to promote movies.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for this!

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