Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Solar Maximus - The sun & the earthquake connection - what to look out for

I would like everyone to pay close attention to the astrotometry Youtube channel. There is emerging new evidence that solar activity has direct effect on earth. As earth absorbs excess solar radation the energy is dissapated through the earths crust and the result is earthquakes (remember e=mc2). By putting this theory into action the astrotometry youtube channel has used this to predict not only when earthquakes will occur but where they will occur around they world - taking into account the 3 day delay for solar flare energy to reach earth and the localisation of energy on the earths crust. The accuracy of the predictions is astounding and the predictive technology may be used in the future as a method for earthquake prediction. (listen more here)
Update - Sadly after threats from scientists and insitutitons that would rather you not know this predictive technology it looks like further Astrometry earthquake  prediction may be under threat - read more. + the site
So this now means as we approach the solar maximus of 2013 (the peak of the solar storm periods) not only should we look out for the threat of radiation  interference on electrical devices but we may see a huge increase in earthquake activity from 2011 onwards .
Well spoken - Alex Ansary talks a little bit about how much more we have to learn about solar flares and solar maximum:
NASA says intense sun storms have the ability to knock out our power and cell phone signal
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