Thursday, August 26, 2010

UFO Captured On wildlife Cam In Fort Worth, Texas

New report in about a Ufo being captured on motion sensor game camera. Its not this first time over the years that such camera's have picked up strange happenings late a night . I remember a post from 1 year ago  when one of these cameras captured strange beams coming down upon the farm - we now one of these cameras apparently actually captures the craft:

Article Extract:
Fort Worth, Texas (NBC) -- A motion-activated camera at a Fort Worth family's favorite hunting spot is capturing shots of mysterious objects.

Lisa Brock-Piekarski's game camera is supposed to take pictures of the deer on her Archer City hunting lease, but the pictures show something she can't explain.

"What I see looks almost like a Frisbee," she said. "You see several lights going around, and they're all symmetrical and lit up, and it just looks like an object in the sky."

Brock-Piekarski's is hesitant to call the string of lights in the sky UFOs, although she can't identify the flying objects.

"We've seen falling stars, all kinds of stuff out there because you're away form the city," she said. "Anytime there's a meteor shower or anything, you can see it a lot better, but I've never seen anything like that."

Brock-Piekarski said the pictures were taken by a single motion-activated game camera.
 The equipment wasn't moved, and it doesn't have a flash.
 Instead, it uses infrared.
 She said she has ruled out light posts or cell phone towers because the area is pretty empty.

"There's nothing back there but trees and sky," she said. "There's no hills, no buildings, nothing back there. It's all flat."
 Timestamps on several pictures also show that the object hovered in the air for almost two hours.

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Anonymous said...

The "UFO" has already been identified as the reflection of a row of IR LED lights built into the camera's transparent housing.

Nomi said...

Perhaps in this case the target is BLURFO or ROD.

Liddell Hart said...

It looks more like a meteor that has been captured in a long exposure time.
Stop the movie at 0:15s and you will see that the animal is blured because it'movement within the camera exposure time, as so as the meteor.

Anonymous said...

LED lights reflecting wouldn't only show up for 2 hours and then magically leave. And I'm sure this woman would have seen them before.

Additionally, there is a discrepancy in size between all the lights. Again, if this were LED, they'd all be the same size.

LED light explanation=Bull Shit.

Anonymous said...

NOMI's comment is a PHISHING site, btw. Perhaps you would like to erase it.

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