Friday, August 20, 2010

Ufo seen over Edinburgh Pentland Hills at Hillend in UK

Two UFOs were filmed over Edinburgh Pentland Hills at Hillend in UK on Tuesday, 17th August 2010.

Poster: This object just hung over the Pentland hills for about a minute before suddenly rising vertically and moving away west, in the direction of Falkirk. Unlike the other lights in the area that were blinking and obviously from approaching aircraft, this was pulsing slowly.

Not faked, by the way. I assumed that it was a plane approaching from the south as a few others were doing around then - but then it moved away to the west, the wrong approach for Edinburgh that night. And as I say, no flashing lights.
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Anonymous said...

you cannot use the camera properly. when you zoom in it is out of focus. why don't you learn to use the camera and the focus setting ?

Hieronymus Braintree said...

Wouldn't it be great if someone actually had a video or film of a UFO taking off at fantastic speeds? Filming it standing still and saying it did something amazing later really just doesn't cut it.

Anonymous said...

Nice & clear, for a night shot,I thought!...We need more like that!?

Anonymous said...

The video does not show what the submitter describes. All we see here is a pulsating dot in the sky shot by someone who doesn't know how to focus his own camera. This type of thing is USELESS as actual evidence. If you HAVE video of the dot of light 'moving rapidly west' why dont you include it?

Anonymous said...

There was another sighting in Edinburgh on the 19th.. a 'v' formation of orange lights - no images though :(

Anonymous said...

administrator mod... this is just my opinion only.

I love this site as it is essential to update this phenomena but you as the administrator should have a sticky telling and showing people how to use their video camcorders. I know it is not up to you to decide how someone does this but i would think that it would be a good idea to give the basics to some people that are going to upload their shots.

it's important for people to know how to setup and adjust their camera for best capture quality for capturing these craft. a fuzzy picture or out of focus picture is absolutely no good as we all know.


great site all the same. and updated very fast. peace

Anonymous said...

There is an army training area in this exact location - this is obviously a flare on a parachute.

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