Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lights Over west Auckland New Zealand 31st October 2010

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Push Back said...

High power lasers are available find them on the internet

Jeff said...

Very interesting - looks somewhat similar to the recent Brooklyn sighting... not the same pulsing, but seems like the sister-sighting to the one in Brooklyn where it was first 2 then just one, with the other fading away.

Anonymous said...

Well! I can tell you this, its NOT a golf ball, this time!
Think its just an Aircraft approach
These kind of lights can easily be
Mistaken, but who knows!? .......

Georgette Cigarello said...

i saw one of these lights over english bay in vancouver at about 10:35pm on october 31st 2010 flying westward. i didnt see more then one. there are 2 friends of a friend of mine that saw the same thing. they were at english bay at the time of the sighting (i was in my backyard which faces north towards english bay) and they only reported one of these lights as well. i could tell whatever was giving off the light was infact round, and possibly disc-like, was silent and flying quite low, lower then a plane would be able to fly without making a sound. it was gliding, its flight very smooth. im trppin! i dont own a camera and my cell phone screen is broken so unfortunately no photo or video was taken, though i doubt i wouldve been able to take any shots, i was so shocked. i know what i saw, and its not from this planet.

Anonymous said...

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Thank ` you

Anonymous said...

To slow, to methodical, and both flying the same flight path.
-Manmade craft of some type.

Anonymous said...

I use to live in Auckland, yes there is an airforce base in West Auckland that houses Hercules and Orion aircraft, they are definately slow and methodical... Our fighter jets are retired and covered in a thin coating of Latex at that base and not in operational condition (they require engine rebuilds).

HOWEVER.. at the 56 second mark the first object makes a pretty quick turn (something these type of prop planes don't make) and flies at speed back towards the second object, this leads me to believe that this video is credible, that and a resident of West Auckland would be use to Orions and Hercules flying by occasionally.



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