Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Triangular Ufo over City ?

Just exactly what are we looking at here? - if we can't discount it as a LED kite then we really have something, or is it just one of these? Your comments appreciated.
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Anonymous said...

No mention of its flight characteristics?

http://pocenipc.com said...

ok, this video is at least one year old, proven to be a fake, becouse the original uploader made a video, how did it fake it, whole process

Randall said...

I love these because they match the technical drawings of the MJ-12 operations manual document perfectly.

Anonymous said...

On this one, your Guess is better
than mine!

For a start, a better Camera with
tripod, could have gone Farther!

I mean, we need: CLEAR, STEADY, video's!
We,re just guessing here!?
I know! I know!........

Adam said...

no background images or frame of reference...I can't even tell if this is in the sky or in a black room!

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