Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ufo Lights over Mexico 22 10 2010

Look like lanterns, but the triangle formations are puzzling to me. Filmed over Mexico 22 10 2010
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Randall said...

If these are lanterns and the Pennsylvania sighting was lanterns then wouldn't there at least be one city or town have some sort of coverage from some sort of press or media? I searched and couldn't find anything. All these sightings are in direct relation to the October prediction as far as I'm concerned

Anonymous said...

Nice video. Thought they looked a bit like lanterns when the camera zoomed in, but they were going pretty fast!
Loved the footage of the other people exiting their car to have a look.
Good soundtrack as well.
Gotta love Mexico, a busy UFO place!

Anonymous said...

Three dots will always look like they're forming a triangle. It's always possible to interpret it as a triangle in an specific angle. Four dots has to be more uniform to each other to make the same illusion. Thats why four dots randomly put close together looks more like a triangle and one dot then a rectangle.

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