Tuesday, December 07, 2010

RealUfos - what we can't write about ?


Ive been asked recently by a RealUfos reader this question:

"As a long running Ufo website you obviously receive numerous emails every day and Ufo reports, you've got a lot of information coming in, are there some things you hold back on, some people think you do?"...

Ok this is something I've wanted to clear up. Ive noticed comments saying that somehow RealUfos has jumped on the disinfo bandwagon simply because we are number one. This is totally untrue. We report Ufo sightings as they come in, as we always have for 5 years now. We reply upon feedback and submissions from our readers, we do go over this information to try and post the most interesting and genuine sightings but we never steer from this.

There are a few certain things we can't post as i wish the site to remain as it is... Specifically  the site stats, which for privacy reasons i won't go into further. Trends do build up over time, If you notice repeated hits from certain sources you can definitely  notice something going on if you know what i mean!

But thats it, RealUfos is here for you the readers - nothing less, nothing more!

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