Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Closeup of the red lights Ufo over Jerusalem & generators at the temple ?

You can see the red lights of the Ufo here in further detail closeup:
We still dont know what the object was over Jerusalem.. here's a finally summary of the sighting from all 4 angles. I found this story about power generators in the temple very interesting, Im mean whats the co-incidence?

25th January:
Huge electricity generators donated by the government of Jordan were brought into the Temple Mount Tuesday. A group led by Likud's Moshe Feiglin documented the entry of the generators into the Mount.

Sources in the Jerusalem Municipality's Supervision Department told the Temple Heritage Fund that the municipality had not given permission to bring in the generators and that they were informed of the matter by Avi Roif, Commander of the Old City Police. The municipality sources were said to be outraged at Roif for allowing the generators' entry despite his not not being authorized to do so.

It is not clear to what use the generators will be put. The Wakf has in the past conducted unauthorized digging and construction activity on the Mount, apparently in order to obliterate any archaeological vestiges of Jewish presence there. The heavy generators themselves might damage the holy site and they might be used to illuminate and provide energy for projects about which Israel has not been informed.

According to an urgent Temple Heritage Fund e-mail message, generators of this size are capable of supplying electricity to tens of thousands of homes. source
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Mikael said...

I have studies these 4 clips for a while now as well as taking the sceptic coments in consideration. Now, we have to view this kind of material from a sceptical viewpoint. This is crusial. I can tell you that the clip that whas filmed by the amarican turist is a fake, its a hoax. This has been proven several times. There are major question-marks regarding the 2 prior clips as well. The fourth one was harder to debunk but after close study it was probably made using Nuke and AE. Dont just follow blindly. Do youre research.

Anonymous said...

It's a fake. Most of the UFO community has investigated it and has come to the same conclusion. Just listening to the audio, you can hear evidence of patching. It's sad, but the world is full of asshats with nothing better to do than muddy up the waters on the search for ET.

Anonymous said...

What if!..the original clip was true,and the others,..fake!?

The street Cam. showed, a >flash< ?

That means something was happening!

If there is more going on than we have heard, then do we have a need to know? I think so!.......?

Michael said...

There is a tone of evidence to suggest this is a hoax, but every other day there's new evidence towards it's validity. I still say the first few vids are obviously fake, and the fourth to emerge is just a more realistic effort than the first 3. but still not an extremely complex hoax for some1 with an above average knowledge of AdobeAE... but with more and more evidence emerging... I just don't know. If it is a hoax, some1 is doing a hell of a job selling this, and i can't for the life of me figure out why.

Rob said...

Yup, definitely fake. At Abovetopsecret.com two threads ran well over 100 pages, and by the end there was plenty of clear evidence of sound/image manipulation that proved the clips had been altered.

The threads are both in the hoax section now incase anyone wants to check on them.

Anonymous said...

To lump together UFOs and ETs doesn't help either. There is no positive proof that some little grey aliens are flying in these things. Also this generator story is not proven at all, is it? This story is a wild guess and hearsay and doesn't help at all.

laura said...

Okay, so I've done about all the research I can on this topic - including scanning AboveTopSecret's thread.

In summary:
1. So far, only one of the videos is CLEARLY a fake...the one with the static image. Why would a hoaxer put out 3 good videos and 1 awful one?
I think this means it's either 1 hoaxer riding off the coattails of another...or some/most of the footage is real, and someone's trying to discredit it.
The other analysis I've read that has "proved" other videos were faked just frankly has not been convincing. Just like you can make something out of nothing, you can also do that in this case.

2. Someone copied the web cam from 1/28 in Jerusalem and you can see an orb where the UFO "sighters" would have seen it, and at the time they would've seen it. Someone refuted this, though, saying the actual date would be 1/29.

According to others who looked around, this odd light can be found in a handful of other web cams, but only at nighttime and only for like a period of a few days. Nothing before.

Anyways, I wanted to investigate more, but the cam won't load past dates anymore:

So, I don't know what's going on. I don't know if we're dealing with multiple hoaxes, or something real that someone's trying to discredit. I do know, though, that if there is a UFO cover-up - we'll never get answers. The witnesses aren't going to come forward. And the news outlets will continue to spin the matter as a forgotten hoax.

So, according to research, there's really no way to rule this out as a pure hoax. You don't have believe it, but there are still unanswered questions.

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