Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ufo lights over Melbourne, Australia.9th February

Poster comments:
Two ufos's following each other then seem to flash/communicate too each other??They were moving away from me so i lost them behind the trees the total footage is over 5 min as i was waiting to see if they would fly out from behind the trees but i didn't see them again, so i cut the footage down to 2:45 seconds.
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Anonymous said...

This clip, reminds me of:

"ED GRIMSLEY" and his night vision,
of the things he has seen, thats going on up there, - and others!

If you've seen his video's, and his comments, then you'll
now what I'm on about!?
But I don't know! only the story he has told....Google!... [ED.GRIMSLEY - night vision]

I found his story quite interesting
you might, as well! if there's anything in it, who knows?...I'm still puzzling over it......?

Anonymous said...

The time of night would be useful. My guess is satellites catching the set sun

Anonymous said...


steve said...

two satallites

steve said...

two sattelites

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. I have seen this anomaly before and am curious if it is a satellite. You can actually record the speed in which they are traveling and calculate when the next passover will be in your area...that is of course if its within constant degree. :)

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