Monday, February 07, 2011

Strange Cigar Ufo filmed in the UK

This amazing footage was captured by a Paranormal Researcher on the 24th June 2010. It shows a Cigar shaped UFO travelling at a vast speed.

The Researcher stated regarding the incident witness 'I had a hunch to take my camcorder out with me which I never normally do.I caught this Infrared footage of an unusual object I noticed while observing and filming Chem-trails in the UK'
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Michael said...

That literally looks just like a flying used condom.

chessy said...

Why is the reolution so low ? Was this some cheap phone vdeo ?

Anonymous said...

Ha!ha!ha!...Thats just what I was thinking, Michael!?..but didn't think I should say it! but you've
just gone and nailed it!

Do you think ETs trying to tell us something?..getting a bit scary now Michael!

Whats the Videographer been up to Matt? didn't you see this one comeing, or going!.....? click! there goes the site!lol

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