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construnet21 said...

This is not a UFO. This is a spy plain from USA; the same that kiled the fish in the lake in Colombia few days ago. New technology used by the US goverment to spy our conutry.

Anonymous said...

Well! the VENEZUELA Triangle clip,
in my opinion, is visually too poor
to make a fair assessment,
either way!!.....could be anything

So either CGI. or Realufo, just dosen't mater!

Either! are unimpressive.
This is what we mean about visual
quality!?....We get quality shots
with other photo's!...but not when
it comes to UFO!!?

This is what makes me so SCEPTICAL!

I cannot say;...WoW!..when its not clear! and I dare say I,m not alone on that.

A clear vid. or photo! can then leave room for debate, for whatever!?........?

A blurred vid. or photo;..? well! you might as well take your glasses off, and be done with it.......?

Anonymous said...

We need more information from the person that recorded this. Was there sound? Why were they outside filming when it appeared for the first 40 seconds(?) there was nothing?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely CGI. And not even a well-made bit of fakery, either.

Anonymous said...

bad troll is bad. clearly an airplane

Dickos Fortuna said...

Nope, no good. Planes DO have big white lights when they land, and when a really lo-res cheap cam is trying to adjust for poor light, it's going to make them blow out and look huge. also it will blow out any blinking lights that might have been visible to the naked eye. ALSO where is the audio? That is always suspicious...

Anonymous said...

At first view it's hard to say whether the objects are looking too good compared to the rest of the footage or not. Such videos are always suspicious regarding to the use of CGIs. In addition you would expect that more people would have seen and filmed that stuff. Where are those videos, where are the witnesses? In lack of that, chances that this is a hoax are quite good, even without having analyzed the video deeper.

Anonymous said...

This is most probably fake, but it's nice CGI.

steve said...

what a pile of garbage.

Anonymous said...

There is something not right about this video. Firstly the camera man is sitting outside with a low res camera or phone looking around his outside dek. ALL OF A SUDDEN and AURORA Space craft with a right wing light blinking "white" flies past his apartment. Secondly the second video does not show a flicker or the strobe'n white light that it showed before! Thirdly.....i am sorry to say. but if this WAS Aurora...there is no way it would have went out of restricted airspace and flown over a residential area for everyone to see....especially since its a black program. Just my 2 cents! :)

Anonymous said...

What was the reason for filming outside? Just to fake an UFO footage? Or what else? There is nothing to film - except one knows that something has to be done with the footage.

The light in front does not change, when the craft comes closer. This is suspicuos because automatic cameras change.

Michael said...

The people on this site are unbelievable. First you leave anonymous posts, like you're ashamed to be caught on a UFO website, then you bash every video that's not shot with a goddamn 1080 p tripod mounted digital zoom super camera, and then you insult the person posting the footage. If you're such diehard skeptics and can't make an assumption unless it's perfect quality, why do you waste your time looking at UFO videos on a site that 90% of the posts are shot out of the blue on camera phones? You're UFO snobs.

Anonymous said...

Michael!....Do you want assumtions or the facts??

AND...who's in charge of Quality control?? must always
push for quality, Michael! otherwise we end up with a useless
piece of rubbish,that doesn't last
for long, if it works at all!?

If your happy with that, FINE!!
But I'll tell you this!...I bet you
that the ETs. didn't get here with out QUALITY!!?......?

Anonymous said...

Michael, I don't think we are wasting our time,watching ufo video's on Realufos,...its just the poor video's we are commenting on,some of which,may well be CGI's

Matt himself says this!thats clear

Its the poor quality vids.that you
your self, would have to admit,are too hard to decipher! what is the point in showing them??

There is no point in, insulting anyone,...but if it strikes a cord with someone,then it should be seen in the light, as a wake up call!...Hellooooo!?...blurred vid's. are not acceptable!?

Anonymous said...

we donot have a location in venezuela not a time when it was shot, but given the shape it appears to be a Suhkoi russian airplane similar to the american F15.

Venezuelan airforce does not have any rules restricting low flyovers and this seems to be the case.

There have been reports of low flying aircraft in the barquisimeto area at the same time every evening so the reason they might have been pointing the camera into the night sky is that they heard it coming in the first place.

also no all camera phones are autofocus or of great quality a los of phones over there are chinese with .2 (that is 0.2 or 1/20th) megapixel resolution.

just my two cents, again if more info is given i can do a better assesment

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