Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lights above Fort Worth TEXAS - Ufos spotted

A series of substations and Transformers blew after an electrical storm in Fort Worth TEXAS apparently causing this light show.
Strangely you can see some bright ufo type lights in the sky while this happened.
Would like to know if anyone living in the area actually spotted this what there feedback is on this interesting event:
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Anonymous said...

Wow that was better than our local firework display.

Anonymous said...

it was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! fantastic,you guys stole my thunder!..excuse the pun!
What a light show for sure, BUT!...
Something doesn't look right,don't
you thing??

Just consider!? with all those explosions, and there were quite a few! The City still has lights!???
How does "THAT" work?.....

I would have thought, total black out!! but NO! so where was the power coming from?..Amazing!!
And yes! I did see the lights above.
But can we assume,they were ufo.?
Could they have been ball lightning?..but I'll leave that for someone eles's

Great night shot,though!?

Anonymous said...

awesome,but NO UFO LIGHTBALLS,or do you mean the Helicopters?

Anonymous said...

even if there were generators for the power you would at least see a flicker of the city lights but i did not see one and i dont think those were helicopters or ball light you would see a ufo before you would ever see this so called ball light shit.

Anonymous said...

Explosions ?? . and the lights stay on . Not even a flicker of the city lights.

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