Sunday, August 28, 2011

UFO or silent airplane?, Wiltshire UK, 26.07.2011

Ufo video report in from the land of crop circles Wiltshire UK .
I feel this one is likely a glider of somesorts or mayeb a giant LEd kite ? - the fact it makes no motor sounds means its likely not a normal aircraft.

Posters comments:
On 26.07.2011 I was camping in Wiltshire where I saw this silent airplane. Was very strange to hear farm animal in the background and not a single sound from this flying thing..
Distance to these lights was about 100 meters from me, and nearest farm was not closer than 500 meters.
It was so strange to see an airplane that makes no sound.
Is this a glider?
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J Seals said...

Your joking ...right?

Anonymous said...

looks like the new lockheed airship

Anonymous said...

looks like an airship or blimp of somekind.

Anonymous said...


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