Sunday, November 20, 2011

NBC Sunday Night Football UFO Identified - Not a Ufo !

I hate to say i told you so but this is the case again with this sighting.
We at RealUfos refused the post this video when it first came out because we suspected it was some type of camera trick or glitch to start off with. So many people emailed us about this sighting and Im glad we didnt post it because fakes and exposure are not what this site is about.

Here's the report on what the the object filmed by NBC actually was:

When the network returned to the game after a commercial break, it showed a brief, 29-second shot of the historic St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.

Such sequences — called “beauty shots” — are typically run during sporting events to give viewers a taste of the city hosting the game.

Keen observers noticed some brightly lit objects streaking across the sky, and when a home viewer videotaped the NBC footage and slowed it down, even to frame-by-frame examination, it appeared that the NBC camera had captured a very large, rod-shaped object topped with glowing circular lights (see image below right) and moving behind the cathedral.

These streaks of light, to many viewers, seemed to be a sign of intelligent life in the universe, and faster than you can say, “ET, phone home,” a clip of this video went viral.

After the 2nd and 3rd generation video swept around the Internet, leading to wild speculation about whether or not these objects were huge UFOs or tiny insects flying close to the camera lens, NBC cameraman R.D. Willis contacted The Huffington Post to set the record straight — because he shot the original video.

It can now be told definitively: Willis is a time lapse photographer. And because he taped the sequence at super-slow speeds, the objects just seem to be lightning-fast spacecraft. Yet, the objects in question were commercial airplanes.

“If you watch Sunday Night Football on a regular basis, you will recognize my time lapse videos throughout our telecasts,” Willis told HuffPost exclusively.

“I move and manipulate my Nikon Still DSLR camera with a computer controlled pan head and dolly. This technique makes my time lapse video motion seem more like ‘real time’ motion when, in fact, they are a series of still images played back very quickly.

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