Sunday, November 06, 2011

Whitehouse responds to the petition saying no evidence of ETs?

Due to overwhelming response to the ET life and Ufo petition on the White House change website the administration has been forced to respond. I really would like to hear your feedback on this response. I guess it is typical, i mean what can they say even if they knew?
"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race," Phil Larson from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy reported on the website."In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye."
Read more of the Whitehouse response here
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Anonymous said...

Has the hole, been dug deeper?
I'd say so!!...If the government was ever ready to be forthcoming about ufo & extraterrestrials, it would have, by now.

You know!..this kinda trashes everything we thought we knew,in a way..but we know better now, don't we??...The big question now would be, where do we go from here? if ET. doesn't sit down on the big front lawn,soon!!...just maybe, all this has something to do with 2012...I don't know, its disppointing!?..............

Anonymous said...


J said...

Well this is bullshit that they don't have "any evidence" What about the Martian meteor from '96-'97? What about methane being created on Mars likely from a biological source? How about the countless unexplainable ufo/uso events (some are most likely ours), but still what COULD they say if they knew. Of course they'd deny it even if there was a petition. What did people expect? If it's higher than top secret its staying higher than top secret.

Amethyst Earrings said...

If we are waiting to find out the truth from the government we will be waiting a long time

M C Walton said...

Well, what did you expect from Mr. Hopey-changey's administration? This administration is no more transparent than any of the others.

jriggity said...

I expected nothing less.....

The government wont release information untill its benneficial for them to do so.

used for controlling the sheeple in one way or another...

Michael said...

This doesn't change anything; Our government lies to us. Always has, always will. It's nothing new. If you believe anything they tell you to be 100% truthful, you really need to stop being so naive

Michael said...

Boo shit boo shit boo shit. Our government is a bunch of greedy old reptiles who'd rather kill us in meaningless wars than have the increasingly rich lose 1 red cent; OF COURSE THEY'RE LYING! The only way we get the truth about ET life's from the ETs themselves

Anonymous said...

TRANSPARENCY??...tell me about it!
It has a whole new meanig now!

TRANSPARENCY on some things,
but NOT ON ALL!...What would you call that?.Selective,or what?..yes I had that feeling,they wouldn't come to the party,and front up. I mean, "above top secret"
if its sooooo top secret,then how is it,that we all think we know about it?

So much for: "above top secret!?"

Well, I suppose admitting it is one thing, but denying is another, which keeps it all above TOPSECRET!
Who! is kidding who!?......

skahooch21 said...

I signed that petition. I got a formulated answer and links to other "extraterrestrial" type sights but they may as well have send me a promotion for "Star Wars".

It's really offensive to think that the government wants nothing to do with the idea. Even more frustrating to know that unless someone can show the world a dead alien or crashed ship, we will always get nowhere.

Society's been brain-washed for far to long!

Anonymous said...

It has been officially announced, that there is "seven billion" people on this planet of our's,and plenty of room for the rising numbers,and all of us need natural resources,such as: oil, fuel, electricity,food, can add to the list your self!
but the problem is with the rising
numbers of people in this world,how
can any administrive body, such as
our Govenments, cope with the ever increasing demand of natural resources such as oil & electricity

What do we do,when the oil runs out?

What do we do, when electricity STOPs? and THAT is the BIG one!!

Our whole way of life relies on
Electricity,now days!!..just pull the plug,and see what you haven't got any more!?
But when you plug in, be prepared to pay through the nose,a shocking experience!!..yes! there are cheaper offers, and other alternatives,..BIG DEAL!! when we know, there is FREE ENERGY!!!
BUT NO! the money has got to keep rolling out of our bank, at least for now.

And what are we going to do,when the oil becomes SCARCE? turn to electricity??...there ya go!!

FREE ENERGY is the answer in my opinion!?..Would help so many Countries and their people, and to stop using oil,that pollutes so many coast lines.
When is someone going to wake up, and do the right thing for the people, & by the people.YOU!! in Government,are the people, by the people, for the people! wake up!!..........

Endrid.D.Cold said...

I agree that we are being held in the dark regarding the existence of ET and their interactions with us.
I've been studying this phenomenon in a macro & micro basis for 3 decades. In order to accurately deduce just why governments around the world hold their secrets regarding UFO's so closely to the vest, I had to apply the same principles to my research that I would in balancing a chemical equation.
A couple of points:
In order to balance a complex equation, we MUST consider EVERY variable applicable no matter how insignificant it might seem at the time. Although UFOlogy operates in a somewhat subjective sphere of influence, objective principles still apply. Most UFOlogists are of the opinion that the government is hiding what it knows for purely nafarious reasons. I no longer believe this to be true. These visiting races are ions ahead of us in every way shape and form, and to think that they are not 1000% in charge is vastly over-rating our own sphere of influence.
Now -
I'm not a famous UFOlogist but I consider my own acumen in this area equal to anyone's, and I have concluded that disclosure will happen the nano-second of ET's choosing. THEY know more about how the human race will react to disclosure than any governmental officialdom. Our existence hangs in a super delicate balance and blindly inserting an outside variable into the mix would be like forcing an extra electron into an atom and expecting it to just absorb it with no devastating effect on it's balance.
"Frankly, I think the people can handle the truth?" Really? We can't even handle ourselves with earthbound trivia, how can we handle something as monumental as a cosmic knock on the door?
COULD we handle it? I don't know, you don't know, the government doesn't know - but you can bet your sweet arse that ET knows. I, for one, am willing to give the government a break on this one. I may be totally wrong, but after having my own experiences with UFO's as a kid, I've been relentless in my studies for over 30 yrs and I can promise you that if I'm off base, it's not by much.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! but perhaps a bit notorious,because the political results, are not what the people have voted for.We are in the dark!
and obviously transparency has a whole new meaning now.

So, who or what, can shed the light NOW?.....ETs??

Michael said...

I find it hilarious that the idea of "aliens" is 1 of the most mercilessly disputed, immediately dismissed ideas amongst the right-wing republicans, although the entire Christian religion is based off of a benevolent being from somewhere in the sky who watches over us w/omniscient power. That's an alien. God's an alien by every definition of the word, yet they'll fight tooth & nail to dispute aliens, in order to maintain the validity of the Christian religion. That's some super comedic irony =)

Anonymous said...

Well yeah Michael! lol
maybe ET. will give up,on all the
politicians, and head straight to the smallest state around,& nock
on the front door of the Vatican.

Take me to your leader!!

Would you like to be baptized first
Sir??:)......I don't know! just my sense of humor in a spin here.

Well they did say!

hayes Uk said...

I think the problem here is this.The government in the USA are treating their people like credulous fools.Witch is not a good idea.Ignoring the evidence is just as bad.

Anonymous said...

We are all serfs in the new fiefdom. The denial is simply in keeping with maintaining the status quo. Free power would devistate the world economy as it exists now and rob the uber rich of their status and control on power. Who cares about the fact that the single greatest threat to national security IS the status quo. Shoot, can you imagine if the price of oil fell to a few bucks a barrel?? CHAOS!! They (ETs) are waiting to see how we handle the coming change. It wont be up to the "elite", it will happen either way and how we react will be the test.

Anonymous said...

Well politically! the way I see it,
we've got a flaming great kauri tree growing out of the pansy patch
which one prospers now??

How do you weed the garden of politics now? we pull out the
pansys, or put the chain saw to the tree?

The bigger question would be, why did we allow this to go on, for so long?...POLITICALLY!?

Anonymous said...

The only reason the government is not disclosing the knowledge about alians to us is beacuse of fear of losing power and control to aliens. The people would take the side of alians as they no longer trust in goodness of the leaders here, on this planet. The people would be the last to know. This happened to the big hospitals-corporations -- they lied until the last minute to their employees about being sold to another entity(another corporation) and then people lost their jobs(because they trusted the liers). This is why the government wants to instill fear of us toward aliens.

Michael said...

SOOO many things wrong w/what you said, i'm not even going to dignify it w/a response.

Anonymous said...

OH COME ON Michael!spill the beans,
your name is on this page 4 times, specially look at your second comment down this page, too late for you not to dignify this now...with your brilliance?=)
Very human up till now, yeah?
we learn from others,even if it the
art of inperfection:/..............

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