Sunday, December 04, 2011

Philadelphia Triangle Ufo

Ufo over Philadelphia.. gaining more information on this one.
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Randall said...

I believe there's no doubt we're being visited either by inter dimensional travelers or from other civilizations not of this earth.

Yes it can be argued that many may be top secret military craft. Many other sightings fall under strict scrutiny as Chinese lanterns by skeptics. In some cases it turns out to be just that.

What has me convinced is the plethora of triangle or similar type of sightings. The triangular shape ufo sightings are not a modern day phenomena. They date back as far as the late 1940s.

When you gather up all the triangular sightings emphasizing the Belgian wave in late '80s and add in the MJ12 drawings, you get a clear cut picture.

I just know one thing, that I would really like to know the truth like so many others out there. The ufo phenomena has gone on way to long and it's time to put an end to it. All you dirty rotten government officials better tell us the truth soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

The ass hole music is what ruins it for me. A good way to keep the aliens away is keep playing ass hole music.

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