Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Keeping an eye on Chinese Lantern season

Ive been overloaded with all your emails.
Currently sorting through some of the best ufo videos submitted.
Hope you all have had a great new Year. Its scary to think we are in 2012 already !!

I spent the last 3 weeks it as usual on the beautiful Islands around thailand.
Once again i sent off my own chinese lanterns and i had a friend from germany who we tricked as he had never seen them before and automatically assumed they were ufos!!

In an similar fashion Im assuming a large majority of ufo sightings over the last 3 weeks and those approaching chinese new year on the 26th will simply be chinese lanterns filmed by westerners who have never seen them before.

Also don't think about bringing the lanterns back to europe of australia - they get confiscated by customs (my friend tried) and they are banned on ebay here.

As always keep your eye on the skies and keep your submissions rolling in for 2012.

Im back, im ready and lets see where the Ufo season of 2012 takes us.

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