Friday, February 10, 2012

Drones not Ufos ? - FAA Clears Airspace for Military Drones in the U.S

A disturbing new Bill Just passed in the USA yesterday makes the FAA Clear Airspace for Military Drones. So its possible the next time you film a ufo in the USA it could also possibly be a drone. With drones being allowed by both the private and government sectors any member of the public could literally be tracked down:

"After five years of legislative struggling, 23 stopgap measures and a two-week shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, Congress finally has passed a bill aimed at prodding the nation's aviation system into a new high-tech era in which satellites are central to air traffic control and piloted planes share the skies with unmanned drones.

The bill, which passed the Senate 75-20 Monday, speeds the nation's switch from radar to an air traffic control system based on GPS technology. It also requires the FAA to open U.S. skies to drone flights within four years.

Final approval of the measure was marked by an unusual degree of bipartisan support despite labor opposition to a deal cut between the Democratic-controlled Senate and the Republican-controlled House on rules governing union organizing elections at airlines and railroads. The House had passed the bill last week, and it now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature.
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Anonymous said...

Also, in Europe governments are using drones to spy on people who break agricultural policy (i-e claiming more subsidies than they should).
You can read the article here.

Anonymous said...

what skeptics DO NOT realize is that people will still see the REAL ufo's as they are QUIET,THEY HOVER,AND THEY MOVE UP,DOWN,SIDEWAYS,ETC.,there will be NO mistaken DRONES,for the real ufos.our planes make noise,helios make noise,our planes DO NOT HOVER!!!!these 3 things usually accompany real ufo sightings!!!

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