Friday, February 10, 2012

Ufo spotted next to Mercury ?

Jamie Maussan talks about an object detected by space telescopes SOHO and STEREO near Mercury:
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Anonymous said...

For the twelfth time, NASA has satisfactorily explained that these are artifacts created in data storage and transmission. There are no planet-sized spaceships hiding in the shadows of our solar system.

Unknown said...

obviously a ship,blow up and see for yourself the balanced perfect shape of the object.It has a perfect round living quarters in the middle and on each side there is an engine nacelle,one on each side.The Better image by Nasa a few weeks ago is even more detailed.All parts of the same size and in perfect alignment,etc.An Alien Ship.Sincerely,George Shaw.

Kibby said...

I looked at a star that object revealed after being hit by solar flare.. It did flick. So a concealed object flew in front of the star... In comparison with other stars, they all didn't flick except this one..

This really shows that their cloak technology is amazing... They even have to hide themselves from what? Us? We're have no technology to chase after it in hour or so. Maybe threat by other alien species with advanced technology?

Michael said...

How many times is "twelf"? Lol, anyway, NASA says a lot of things dude. If this is such a common occurrence w/in NASA footage, then, by all means, show me another instance of it.

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