Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ufo lights 21st April 2012 Haubstadt Indiana

Four large, glowing, red objects moved across the sky. 3 moved quickly, 1 slowed down, before they all disappeared. Note we would like to hear from others in Indiana if they also saw any ufos like this recently. This is an interesting sighting.
Note: You might want to view this Ufo video in full screen mode (square bottom right of video)

Mufon Long Description of Sighting Report:
While making dinner, my husband came in from cooking some steaks on the grill. He said to come outside right now! When I went out I saw four red objects floating across the sky very close to Venus. They all looked exactly alike, except that the last one was bigger than the others. I watched for several seconds before I ran inside to get our digital camera. It was close, so it could not have been more than 30 seconds before I began filming. By the time I came back out with the camera, one of the objects was already gone. While I watched, another of the objects moved quickly out of my sight, blocked by a tree. I filmed the last two objects. One of the objects disappeared very fast after I started filming, the last object slowed down. I got a good look at it. It looked like it was on fire, almost like a giant flare, or maybe a Chinese lantern. It looked like it was glowing from the inside. But, it was very big, very far away, it did not fall, and it did not move at the same speed as the others. They all moved horizontally across the sky, almost floating, except they changed speed. All these thoughts went through my head as I watched. The last object moved much slower than the other three, almost stopping, and it pulsated much brighter than the rest. At its brightest, it was almost as bright as Venus (which is really bright at this time). It passed Venus, moving north to south, and grew dimmer and dimmer until it disappeared altogether. After they had all disappeared, I called a friend and finished making dinner. About ten minutes after the first sighting was over, I went back outside and saw another of the objects moving across the same path as the last four. I ran inside, again, to get the camera, but it was gone by the time I got back (less than 20 seconds). It just disappeared. I have lived near airports and military bases for most of my life. I have seen some very strange things in the sky, all with perfectly plausible explanations, but I have no idea what I saw tonight. It was a very nice day, and we had been outside all day and night. We saw nothing else strange in the sky, only the regular plane traffic. Several planes were even in the sky at the same time as the objects. I dont know what they were.

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Phuong said...

I am from Davenport Iowa and tonight April 22nd 2012, at about 8:43pm my husband and I saw the same kind of object in your video. Sometimes they looked like they stand still or just moved so slowly. There're about 7 of them. Some of our neighbors saw those too and we all wonder what they were as they can't be airplane, there's no sound from them.
Unfortunately I got no camera at that time, I tried to film it with my husband phone but the camera on the phone is too bad, can't see anything at all.
Looking at the way they move, I think they are not Chinese Latterns. But really not sure what they are. UFO???

Anonymous said...

I saw similar object in Turku Finland end of January. Wheather was like groom, very good. It was 1.00 am. The ufo was mostly pulsating red ball but it turned to white some pulses and it flew quite slowly. It stopped many times to hover and i watched it nearly 15 minutes before it took little leap upwards and slowly dimmed out. I live 12 floor buildnig at the top and the ufo was quite near my balcony, maybe 300 meters away and maybe same altitude. The Ufo was totally silent.

The distance estimation is based on ufo-created light against building next to this 300 meters away! There is also airport 5 km away but i'm ex-anti-aircraft soldier so i have seen allmost everything that is in the air and this was really something else.

enigmasmisterio said...

I have also seen lights like these that moved but as two. Five ever. Interesting blog I follow closely, greetings.

Anonymous said...

I saw one 70 km north of Montreal Canada just like it the 7 of April. My daugther took a picture and once enlarge, you can discern a sphere surrouded by and orange halo.

Anonymous said...

We saw an "object" just like this in Mt. Vernon, IN August 24th around 2030 - 2100 hours heading north / north west. There were 3 of us who saw it. We watched it for about 30 to 45 seconds and it disappeared. Absolutely weird, as none of us had observed anything like it

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