Thursday, April 12, 2012

UFO video in from Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Interesting ufo video in from Tunbridge Wells: Posters comments: UFO filmed on Tuesday 10/04/2012 Any thoughts on what these are? They were both visible in the sky around 45 seconds before I began filming; the higher one 'turned on' first; appearing abruptly with a bright glow, then shortly afterwards the lower one appeared just as the first had. Rate this posting:


Bathtub said...

"That is no plane..." Sorry, but that's exactly what they are, seen head-on to the camera and slowly descending (thus appearing not to move). There's no noise because they're tens of miles away.

Anonymous said...

Gatwick is nearby, coming down the hill on the A21 the planes look straight on at you with their headlights, it's quite an scene on foggy nights. Keep looking though coz their out there!

george said...

Lol, this guy almost sounds like he is sarcastic its def no plane, that is far too long...Plane going head on as posted, it is more then obvious, I live in vegas and see this everyday LOL

george said...

He said and where is the other one, who knows. He did not want to keep taping because he was aware that the blinking from the side of the plane from the 1st plane would be seen and did not want to ruin his "legit" ufo. Haha, this wanker I bet ya has nothing better to do but to watch to see how many people fall for something like this.

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