Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Zealand - UFO & Meteor Report: 22/05/2012

Interesting new video in from New Zealand. If anyone from NZ spotted a fast moving object like this one, we would like to hear from you ASAP!
Posters comments: i was asleep while this looks like 2 of these objects were close to the ground up the's hard to tell! recorded between 2am to 4am this morning short timelapse was pointing towards the back of the farm..North towards the ocean...I'm in Rotorua... alot of activity
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Anonymous said...

if no manipulation has happened then i say this is a powerful video.some might be shooting stars,bur the 2 or three large moving certainly are object with intelligence.great catch!

Jai Ram said...

What do normal planes look like using this technique?? Until we could compare, perhaps there really is nothing to this, except for plane photography.

Jai Ram said...

How are these not planes? What do planes look like using this technique? How much do these images deviate from those?

Jai Ram said...

How are these not planes? What do planes look like using this technique??

Anonymous said...

I suppose, you make an interesting point..Jai Ram! but have you ever seen the lights of a plane go up and then turn sharply to the right
and speed off like that? Far too fast for a plane in my book!
Some of these lights,as you can see
flash across the view, and just disappear.How would that work for a plane? and yes! some are shooting
stars as they say, streaking down through the atmosphere,so what are these larger lights, moving around very fast,not planes I me puzzled!?

Bathtub said...

But surely an object can't be 'speeding off' because this is a timelapse. There's a contradiction here which can only be explained by the image being manipulated or faked.

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