Thursday, May 24, 2012

What On Earth? Crop Circle Documentary

Even though her new OWN talk show got canned, I would like to thank Rosie O'donnel for having the courage bring to Crop Circles to peoples attention, during her with interview Suzanne Taylor, the director of the new documentary "What on Earth".
Rosie is no stranger to talking about alternate topics. When she was back on the View, she told everyone about the revelations of 'building 7'.
She is right in believing many Americans, and many people in general do have a very narrow view of reality and it's important that people watch documentaries like this to open their mind.
Contrary to what skeptics and the mass media would have you believe, there are a certain percentage of Crop Circles that are not fake. These Crop Circles can be identified by scientific means and are not simply a modern day phenomena.... they have been recorded for hundreds of years in the UK.

 What on Earth Movie Trailer 16/04/2012

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Mika Halonen said...

This can be found from YouTube. 7 parts. This is the first one.

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