Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ancient Mayan Artifacts - Updates?

With the uncovering of yet another new tomb of a Mayan Prince recently,  I was reminded of the discovery a few months ago which unearthed unusual Mayan artifacts which may have been linked to ETs.
I was sent this interesting  post about the Mayan artifacts which were tied to Nassim Haramein's timely new 2012 documentary "Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond":
I wanted to know if these artifacts were truly released by the Mexican government and if they were carbon dated and validated? Can anyone confirm this?

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Anonymous said...

nice film, doesent work in germany, because of the Music.
Here is a link for German Users :


Lady said...

Kind of like a smoking gun, lets hope they are the real deal

Nemesis said...

Tiahunacao....Gateway of the Sun.....sheds more light on why this city was built?

Those artifacts as displayed in that video, need to be dated so that what they represent can be fully appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Only problem with carbon dating... is that you can find out when the stones were formed not when they were carved. Thought we all should remember this.

luvoz said...

im a bit sceptical about theses 'artefacts',to me they don't look like old carvings,and the detail is too precise,and a lot of what is shown is blatantly obvious ufos and such,maybe a bit too obvious.if only they were real.

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