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Readers Personal UFO Sightings: August 2012

August Reports coming in.
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Washington East Kent USA: 4 Aug 2012, 11:25 
I heard a jet and looked up but couldn't locate the source, as I looked toward the sun I shielded my eyes and noticed a bright light flying around the sun. 
I looked for wings or vapor trails, nothing. It speeded off. I thought it was wierd. I told my wife and we went back out to look and we both started deeing a flurry of activity. Several flying around, some menuvering around, some going in a straight line. Altitude and speed changes. As the sun moved the activity always followed the sun's parimeter. I tried to look through binoculars but was unable to see. I will go back out and see if the video camera will pick them up. I have flown hundreds of hours with the US Army in Blackhawks and have never seen anything like this. I live on an airfield and am familar with all kinds of air vehicles, this was unidentified.

Mount Timpanogos Utah 
Big red/orange fire ball looking UFO above MT. Timp. 
We shot it looking east from Pleasant grove last night around 11pm.

Tumut NSW Australia: 2nd August 2012 
I was visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Tumut N.S.W. On the night of Thursday 2nd August 2012 I went out to the shed about midnight and looked up at the full moon very high in the sky.I noticed a spherical object only slightly smaller than the apparent size of the full moon not far below the moon. It was as bright as the full moon but was sparkling orange all over, as if the sparkles from a sparkler were emitting from it, like an orange "porcupine". It seemed to be stationary for about a minute. An orange globule or teardrop seemed to form on the bottom of it then this detached and dropped off and disappeared. The sparkling ball then seemed slightly smaller after ejecting the globule. The ball started moving in an arc in an easterly direction at a fairly slow speed. The ball ejected a second orange globule which detached and disappeared like the first one. These globules seemed to form like a drip on the main object and were bright orange before detaching. After the second globule detached, the sparkling orange ball lost its sparkles and went black. The outline of a circular black object much larger than the original sparkling orange ball could then be seen in the moonlight - this black circular object appeared to be solid. It kept moving in an arc towards the east and disappeared from view behind some trees. I had called out to my brother and sister-in-law in the house to come out and have a look - and they did so about 1 minute into the sighting as the object had started to move east after being stationary.

Calgary, Alberta Canada: July 27 2012:
Captured this video with my night vision monocular in Calgary alberta Canada on July 27,2012. Many people say it might be a bird, bat, insect like moth...etc. no and I know for a fact as I was doing the filming and could not see with the naked eye. Also I did film a few birds and moths and without a strong street light etc..nightvision monocular can not pick them up. So this video and others I have on YouTube remain unexplained and would love answers, I have on video similar object and suddenly zooms off like a meteor with trail and everything like entering our atmosphere. I truly believe these are actual UFOs and demonstrates their amazing technology!
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