Friday, August 10, 2012

In Perspective: The Baltic Sea Anomaly UFO

This animation will show you in perspective just how huge the Baltic Sea anomaly is.
I haven't heard any further updates yet but you can read more about the diving team investigation here

More at the OceanX website
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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's intriguing, fascinating-- at least as much as anything I've heard in my 61 years.

Those years have also accrued a lot of skepticism, however. If you've lived even half that long you'll likely understand.

I have real skepticism about the motives of Ocean X. Honest profit? Fine. Fame? Cool. Advancement of knowledge, particularly regarding ETI and its presence? Nobel Prize.

But what's with the marketing? Garish, absurd marketing--like that godawful music from Gaia? Who are they trying to attract? Investors? Never a good sign. Investment in what? Further profit? How? Why has the worldwide scientific community been practically mute regarding the find? Why does the press that covers this discovery seem limited to scandal rags now that the story broke in the legitimate press? Where are the governments' interest in this? Their militaries'? I trust governments more when they're vocal, however stupidly so. When they're mum, they're usually not keeping any secrets--they're just not interested. Why?

I really want this thing to be True. I don't want what happened at Roswell to happen to it. I don't want the find to be "confiscated" by governments, their militia, or spies. Or just as bad, Wall Street. If it's really True and Real, it's a find not of the millenia, but of the species itself. It gives a whole new meaning to the word "priceless."

And nobody's interested but you, me, and Ocean X?

I don't believe it.

Great post, though. Thanks as always for it and so many others.


Anonymous said...

why its called a UFO? i dont understand. Unidentified - ok, but flying? uh? where? when? ehr nope -

Anonymous said...

Yea this has been harshly criticized. Been swept under the rug. "proved" to be some "normal" rock formation. Basically dismissed as solved. IF it was something out of this world, would be categorized as a threat to national security and forced to be kept quiet. Black projects would continue further research behind the public eye. Just the way it goes with anything out of this world. To think nothing out of this world as remotely equal if not higher intelligence have been publicly affirmed by media. Have not seem crop circles nor extra ET been taken seriously by them.(media) Media has no control. Just a puppet for the master(government) to play with. Honestly with little evidence, and a little bit of time, anything can be proven as a hoax or fake.

Anonymous said...

So that's where Han parked the Millennium Falcon.

Anonymous said...

@ "Tom"

The music is the best part of this video :)
Sounds like you think it´s Ocean X Team that posted this vid, its not.. it´s fan made.


Anonymous said...

Go TOM! 5.13pm:)

You say it as it needed to be read!
Hahahaha!...Priceless!! You keep our feet firmly on reality, great stuff! But just the same...WHAT IF,Tom???:) and I'm sure your there on that..........:)

Anonymous said...

To Simon:

Thanks for that information, man. It returns some credibility to Ocean X, at least in my own mind and heart. I'm really FOR those guys, but I still have some reservations about their intentions. May these all be soon blown away.

To Anonymous at 9:37 AM--

Thanks! And: What if? IF Ocean X turns out to be completely credible, no hidden agendas, and IF
the find is what we hope it is, THEN: Fame, Fortune, Nobel Prize, AND the first thing they need to do (after verifying that they have complete and total international rights to the objects) is hire world-class bodyguards for themselves and their loved ones, because YOU KNOW what kind of heat they're going to draw with a discovery of this magnitude....

Thanks again, everybody--


Anonymous said...

My intention with this vid was to give folks the perspective how big this is compared to a man.

The features and meassurements is official info from Ocean explorer team.

Anonymous said...


It is appreciated,and thank you....

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