Saturday, August 11, 2012

UFO Orb Seen In Annecy, French Alps Near Swiss Border

Sent in by a reader, this video of a bright Orb was filmed on the 8th of August in Annecy, in the French Alps near the Swiss border:
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Oscar Ballard said...

I see these with great regularity! Leaves me wondering if their Drones under Human control or their other wordly? I sincerely believe it won't be long before we're all to know a greater truth about our past and present.

Anonymous said...

We live in Guernsey Channel Islands and we saw this on 8th August 2012 the same date as you but at 10.30pm it was travelling north east and went straight over our heads but was slient and it was travelling twice the spend of a normal jet.
It was defiantly not a plane it was just one solid white light.

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