Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Eyewitness Discloses: 1964 Tahoe National Forest Alien UFO Encounter

For the first time ever, Donald Shrum, 73, reveals an incredible encounter he and two other hunters had with a UFO and strange creatures in the Tahoe National Forest, September 1964. This video features photos and other evidence from the encounter and audio from an interview with Jamie Havican and author Noe Torres from Inception Radio, January 27, 2012:
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Anonymous said...

Pictures that people draw are in no way a form of evidence...

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the story. If aliens want to get you, they will have you without any difficulty, because you are no match against their technology.

Anonymous said...

No offense meant to Mr. Shrum or his co-authors, but the majority of this account is a fabrication, and a childish one at that. It's part "The Day the Earth Stood Still," part "This Island Earth," and part the Hills' very believable account conflated. I have no doubt that something happened to Shrum, but how it happened and to what extent it was "real" are not supported by any evidence beyond some sketches, which another reviewer here has already decimated as evidence. The very idea that these entities were afraid of fire speaks volumes about the kind of sci-fi/fantasy reading and viewing constitutes the witness' background. I have to question Mr. Shrum's motives here, and dismiss this case as either an intended, or a sadly delusional, fraud.

Anonymous said...

Pictures that people draw, are ONLY
"part" of the story, and no more evidence, than the story it self!!

As to whether you can believe the story,depends on if you can relate to it, in some way....Some can!!

Its Donald Shrums story..his truth!
because he claims to have gone through it!?The question might be,
why would he make it up,on a days
hunting,with his friends? He experienced something! and thats his story..........

Anonymous said...

To 6:25. Funny if you ended having a paranormal experience and get rattled as much as Donald Shrum. How would you cope? No one would.believe you, you would be harshly criticized as you are to this man. To use delusion in this way is such a horrible stigma. Using this word so loosely would make every person delusional who experienced something paranormal and not have supported evidence. I would not be so quick to deny nor affirm what he said is true.

Anonymous said...

If the human race were open minded they would sight things never imagined. The Earth is infinite of mysteries.

Nemesis said...

I remember reading about this incident many years ago and being a little peeved by the lack of detail as then presented.

To hear Mr.Shrum's account as he experienced it, and as he remembers it after nearly forty years, is a little more enightening as to what really went on during that incident.

Obviously his detailed verbal account is something to chew over for some, however I find in his telling an element of truth that cannot be dismissed as coming from a man who is given to delusional thinking, as one commentor has put forward.

Even a delusional thinker can be rational about what he thinks he may be witnessing. Would it have been more rational for Mr.Shrum to have excluded the fire part of the story if what he had been subject to on the night in question was simply made up in the hope that the rest of the story was more believable? Or, has he included everything as he saw it because of his honesty?

Having studied the UFO phenomena for over forty years I have no problem accepting Mr.Shrum's version of events as witnessed by him and one of his friends.

Anonymous said...

To 1:50 AM--I didn't say Mr. Shrum is delusional. I do question his motives, and dismiss his claims as a fraud, whether intended or sadly delusional. I also said, and deeply felt: "No offense meant."

To 10:04 PM--My post agrees with yours insomuch as Mr. Shrum experienced something. But what? His truth? I respect his truth and I respect yours, but the kind of truth I'm looking for is The Truth--the kind that can be empirically verified. There's a fact world out there. I don't think the whole of Mr. Shrum's account took place in it.

Thanks to both of you, though, and others, who responded. Best, Tom

Anonymous said...

To Nemesis:

Granted. And well-said. Thanks--


Toucan Sam said...

I love these people who try to use reason to explain how an alien would act and dismiss accounts like this because this isn't how they think an alien with advanced technology would act.

First of all, you have no idea how an alien would act in this situation. I compare it to a child who has grown up with smart phones and the Internet. The child may know how to use today's technology, but give him an 8-track or a record player, and he has no idea what to do. Youtube has plenty of videos of children trying to figure out older technology. Its plausible to believe that an alien has never seen fire and would find it scary, or has never seen a bow & arrow before. Someone from an advanced technology might find such primitive tools intimidating, especially if they have never encountered them before or even knew they existed.

Second, what was Donald Shrum's motivation to make up this story? He hasn't made any money from it, he didn't even reveal himself as the person behind the story until more than 30 years later.

Some people are just wired not to believe what they cannot see or hear. No amount of evidence or eyewitness testimonies will convince them to believe something they have chosen not to believe. I have never seen an alien or a flying saucer, but I am open to the idea that they exist. Dismissing the idea so I can feel like I'm part of the grounded majority doesn't do myself or anyone good.

I believe Donald Shrum's account, or at least I believe that HE believes it happened. Had he gone to the press immediately afterwards and tried to make money off his alleged encounter, then you might have something there, but that isn't the case. I get healthy skepticism, but categorically denouncing the account as fiction simply because it doesn't fit in your parameters for an alien encounter is ridiculous.

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