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Readers Personal Sightings: October 2012

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We have so many people emailing us about the 'flash of light' seen last week in New York.
Just a reminder to everyone who don't already know, this has now been identified as the Edison Substation on 14th St, blowing up just after 9 p.m on the 1st of October:
Video for reference:

California 10/29/2012 at 09:10 PM
 This evening, October 29, 2012 at approximately 7:29PM Pacific Time, I received a call from my sister who lives 2 blocks down the street. She had just left my house, and so when I saw the phone light up with her caller ID, I thought she had probably forgotten her house keys or something along those lines. I answered the phone and she immediately says to me "Go outside!!! Go outside! What are those fire lights in the sky?" I made my way out the front door, which faces west. I immediately looked up but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I then looked south and still nothing. Then I turned around and there they were. There were two bright orange lights in the sky. To me, their glow was very much like the glow of a road flare, however orange in color. 
One of them seemed to be following the other as they moved eastward on an ascending path that was far too steep to be that of an airplane. These lights could not have been coming from a helicopter either as the signature sound of a helicopter's blades striking the air could not be heard. As a matter of fact, no sound seemed to be coming from these objects. When I first spotted these lights, they were still below the cloud layer. At that altitude, I estimate that the distance between them was approximately 500 feet, maybe a little more. 
The distance between them seemed to remain constant as they continued moving. As they traveled upward, every four seconds or so, they seemed to make a quick and ever so slight motion north-to-south, reminiscent of an electrocardiograph's display. In essence, from my vantage point it looked as if they were quickly moving up and down. What I found most intriguing about this motion is that it was happening synchronously. The lights quickly faded into the night sky. My sister was able to see these lights for a few seconds more than I did. She said that when she first spotted them, the lights were bright, and not very far up. She immediately called me and we were on the phone until they were completely gone.

New York City
Mike here from NYC. Last week was outside smoking a cigarette in downtown manhattan in front of my building and heard what sounded like multiple loud explosions coming from around the sky. It was def not military planes or fireworks nor thunder. It had its own distinct sound im not gunnna lie it was actually a terrifying sound and the feeling i got was really not good. Was no word of it anywhere on the net. People in NYC dont pay attention to anything they think everything is fine and normal. I dont however. This hap approx two Sundays ago i really thought the world was ending thats how intense it was and im so amazed i could not find any info on it my co worker heard it as well. Now i am on the phone with my gf she is in Los Angeles CA. She is hearing the same thing there right now she is just visiting there. She is terrified by it. She mentioned seeing some wierd lights to like yellowish white. Any ideas on this? This c ant be normal. Is this due to auroras? Maybe the earths core shifting? It's insane. It def needs to be looked into more. It seems to be happening all over im so clueless. Let me know if you have any input! Thank
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Anonymous said...

I live in Pittsburgh pa. I also heard it. I was on my back patio having a smoke. I know aircraft. I retired from the air force in 2005. It was loud. The ground shook

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