Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Dr Steven Greer - Sirus Movie Updates

Controversial speaker Dr Steven Greer, talks about the developments on his upcoming movie Sirus.
Of most interesting points and draw card of the movie, is the strange alien foetus - some assume the small alien creature is all movie hype, but Dr Greer insists the creature has been medically studied.

The goal of this film is to introduce as many people to this subject as possible - worldwide. We want to draw them in, help them see the validity of it and how it affects them directly. Then they can delve further via the wealth of credible information that has been gathered by The Orion Project, The Disclosure Project and CSETI. We are very excited and want to share with you in more detail some of the archives that have been offered to us to use. As you can imagine only a fraction of the material can be used in a 2 hour documentary of this scope. 
For the next few weeks we will discuss the materials we have from Paola Harris, Dr. Ted Loder and Dr. Lynne Kitei. Paola Harris (Italy/Europe/Vatican) is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research. She is also a widely published free-lance writer, especially in Europe. She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field. From 1980-1986 she assisted Dr. J. Allen Hynek with his UFO investigations.
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Anonymous said...

What is the release date to this "document" ??

Anonymous said...

It's SIRIUS, not Sirus.

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