Saturday, January 26, 2013

UFO in the skies of Ostia Rome Italy Ovni ovnis

New UFO ovni video in from Ostia Rome Italy. The video is a bit distorted, you may want to see the  original Video article link

Rome, 25, gen. (AKI) - An unidentified object in the sky over Rome. A case for capturing an image of what looks like a disc fly, was Marco Canigiula, 25 years old, a young musician of Rome, on the afternoon of January 5 was in Ostia, Rome's coast, in Castelporziano for shoot a music video in high definition. As he turned the lens of his camera has captured, by chance, the passage of the alleged UFO over the sea. 

"The most surprising thing is the speed at which it passes the object," says Marco, who immediately posted the video on You Tube. "The quality of the video in Full HD - explains the author - has allowed me to process the image until you get a silhouette detailed, precise, object. During the editing process I used a" bump mapping "that allows increase the complexity of the image, thus highlighting details that would normally not be visible ".
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