Monday, March 18, 2013

New Zealand 2012 UFO sighting

An impressive UFO sighting from 2012 filmed over New Zealand.
Its very interesting footage upon closer analysis the object is quite large.
I can't remember if we have posted it here so here it is again:
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Anonymous said...

Yes!...This video was posted about four years ago:3rd.May.2009 in
Auckland New Zealand.This video has
been Edited somewhat,from the original,alot of cuts! but yes,
still basically the same viewing,
and yes! What a mystery,alway round
I mean,why edit? It can make the original look a little superficial
in away.Every small thing,adds up to how one thinks about the video,
but I suppose people feel a little uncomfortable,and have this need to, EDIT!...................

Anonymous said...

It's very good, though it could do without the dramatic soundtrack. I agree with the other viewer that the edits did nothing for the presentation. As usual, I'd like to see the thing in slow-motion and magnified. And I'm not entirely convinced about movement--maybe it's flying and maybe it's just Venus.

Intriguing, though.... Thanks--


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