Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UFO Orbs - Anaheim, California: 19/05/2013

UFO video filmed over Anaheim, California. Were these lanterns? Did anyone else see them?
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Source MUFON:
Exiting 5 freeway south on The City Dr. Noticed three bright yellow/orange light traveling at towards the Angles stadium in Anaheim. One light disappeared. Two more light coming from South East from the 57 moving over the Santa Ana River. At this time I am Traveling East on Chapman Ave. Had to make a U-Turn back to Burger King on Chapman and Anita where my girlfriend and I took video of the light. At First I thought it was some type of fly over the Angle stadium, but one of the there was no noise and they formed a triangle. After forming the triangle one of the light dimmed out and was gone while the two other came from South East to join them. At the time the only thing me and my girlfriend could say is what is it. We both saw the light return back from where they last were and went into the sky losing sight of them.
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Anonymous said...

It looks consistent with Lanterns flickering and a steady movement throughout...................

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