Sunday, June 09, 2013

Spectators Witness Triangle UFO Above Texas, USA: 7/05/2013

A triangle craft passes above a few spectators in Texas, with eerie silence. Then suddenly - it vanishes! The craft, which has the distinctive 'triangle shape' resembles a lot of night vision triangle UFO's recorded - especially with it's lights!
Any idea what it was? Did anyone else in Texas witness this?

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Anonymous said...

no noise???? you can clearly hear the jet engines in the video... disappear?? the camera was taken off object and out of focus, so I guess it would disappear from this perspective. No UFO here IMO.

Anonymous said...

A great capture, pity about the shakey blury footage. The UFO gave a nice little light show before going. I've got a good idea what that ship looks like now. Apart from it being triangular of course.

Lee Crisman Radio said...

Lights captured by a jerky video camera leaves us only the credibility of the person who's running the camera. Perhaps I could believe this if I personally knew the camera operator... Not saying it's a fake. Just tough to understand.

Matthew McClure said...

It had blinking lights that all air craft are required to have by the FAA. Having recently backpacked near an air force base, I realize just how many bizarre shaped craft are designed and operated by our government. This is no UFO IMO. Not that one could tell from the quality of footage.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that is NOT a UFO. Its a jet Plane as you can clearly see the flashing RED and WHITE NAVIGATION LIGHTS of it. I can only assume its a new prototype as that would explain the other marker lights on it!

ufohunter said...

Blinking lights engine noise its a jet

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