Wednesday, July 31, 2013

UFO Filmed From plane over Chiba Prefecture Japan

This video was filmed over Chiba Prefecture Japan from within a plane.
The mysterious UFO is far in the distance to start off with however, when the filmer zooms in, the video become more intriguing . I recommend you view this in full screen - the object seems circular with blinking light around it.

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Anonymous said...

The shape of these lights,remind me, of a sighting one fogy night on the 22nd.June 2007 in Istanbul - Kumburgaz Turkey... & many saw this UFO..some claiming they could see two ETs in the center,looking out!...The shape of this light or craft:) looks similar to the shape of
the craft, seen in Istanbul on that night, of 22nd.June 2007..filmed by a night guard.

The question might be..Are they back?....................


Is there video or photos of the incident in June 2007 in Istanbul-Kumburgaz Turkey ? I sure would like to see it. Also is it possible that these U.F.O's could actually be life-size U.F.O Drones? I,m sure the U.S. ,China,Japan all have the Tech. to build a U.F.O type drone.

Anonymous said...

Sure is for real:)..Try this:,you will find the record of it, in "Realufo" Library but the Video
has been removed.Look on Home right hand corner,under search.The video viewing is
reasonably clear,but you might want to give it more lighting, good luck:)...................

Anonymous said...

What we have learned is, most of the sightings, are drones of one kind or another.ETs & ours!
and UFOs come in all sizes..small! & very BIG!!! UFO-ETs reside hear on earth underground!
underwater! and in amongst us,as well as coming from elsewhere.The astounding thing is,most
people do not seem to know, & SOME, don't want to! or don't believe.Its like sheep grazing on lush green grass,with not a care in the world:) While their being conditioned & processed without even knowing it,just think about,Abductions!? and how many people have gone missing? children we've heard!? At the citizens hearing for disclosure,Paul Hellyer made a comment that there were one or two things on his mind, that would remain unmentioned for now.What do we think that might be???..I'm not saying all ETs are bad,anymore than some humans,but what is going on,is WRONG! and has got to STOP! and this is only, one reason for DISCLOSURE, to bring attention to humanity, of what IS going on, right now! and of our past history. I don't know!
How do you bring attention, to those whom, are not interested, or believe??

You know, DISCLOSURE! may not be as traumatizing, as its hyped up to be.Will the people take
any notice at all? They're so tied up with going to work and getting on with life,will they
even have time to notice Disclosure, let alone comprehend it! of cause there will be those who do! but for the MASS??? I wonder.......................?

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